Move-out Checklist

Move-out Inspection Checklist


  1. This form must be completed on the move-out date
  2. If supporting photos are provided, we suggest gathering them before starting this form.
NOTE: Carpet stains,, door holes or scrapes, window screen damage ( Be specific on location and number of cuts, scrapes or stains).
The resident agrees the property or room (whichever is applicable) is in excellent condition and clean except for the items mentioned below.

Private Bedroom

Common Area



Last Step

NOTICE: This resident shall be responsible for the condition of this room (apartment or house - whichever is applicable) described above "AS IS" and any damages beyond normal wear and tear will be paid for at the resident's expense. All residents are responsible for common area charges unless it is established that damaged were caused wholly by a particular resident(s).

Have you already completed the check availability request?

Before applying to an individual property, please check the availability first. If you haven’t already filled out the Check Availability form, please do that now. Once you complete the Check Availability form, you may continue to apply.